Free Instant Heat For Cooking World Wide

Yes free !  No Fuel Needed !

So what the big deal ? 

It’s not very well known that contaminated water

is Africa’s biggest killer. It has killed more people in

the last ten years than all the conflicts than have died

since the second world war. Plus add on all the

people during that time span that also died from

malaria, measles, and hiv diseases too.

So yes we are talking about a formidable killer.

I hope to teach missionaries to use

ideas like this to save millions lives.

For one only need realize that parabolic mirrors can

generate heat over 2000 degrees F. without expensive

fuels for cooking and killing germs in water.

 God bless the people that

produced these simple videos !

Please Think Safety First !

Disclaimer: These devices are extremely

dangerous, and will INSTANTLY set things on fire!

Never Allow Children To Handle !

Never Leave Unattended !

Never Use Near Vehicles !

Never Use Close To Woods !

Always Wear Welding Goggles, Not Just Sun Glasses !

Video # 1

Video # 2




Hate Something Worth Hating

Don’t hate people …Hate something worth hating.
Hate hunger, disease, hate the fact that about 25.000
children died needlessly last night.
( None of my work ever involves asking a dime from
you …my mission is to teach …my mission is to share
some amazing knowledge. ) You need not friend me
just share the knowledge.
I teach missionaries to share knowledge about
Moringa Trees, a way to make fire without out
fuel, and and a system to provide light for one billion
people who still live in darkness …that is what I do
in my service for God. If your looking for money
that is what I don’t have. But if your willing to
learn I have plenty to teach …Amen.
Most Sincerely …brother Scott

Final Pretty Please

The Mystery Of My Poverty Is My Wealth

The Mystery Of My Poverty Is My Wealth
Many would say see your God has failed.
Many would think it mad.
See where following God has gotten you,
you lost …it’s over …your old and just a loser.
But I have been shown something that has made
all the difference, I have been shown ….. ” Hope “.
What is this ” Hope ” crazy christian your life is
a visible tragic ship wreck for all the world to mock.
But I dare you to look again for the last time I checked
all that you have will stay behind the day you meet
Him face to face.
I invite you to witness a dream , I invite you to witness
Hope “.

door to freedom

Alternatives To Selling Moringa For Profit

There honestly may not be a commercial level market
where your at. I want to encourage orphanages to start
small gardens that would rapidly grow and start feeding
their children ( in about two years – yes this takes time )
so that they won’t have to beg.
Moringa is not really a tree … in science books it’s
know as a weed …one that grows and spreads very fast.
One of the reasons I promote Moringa so intensely it that
the seeds can purify water without toxic chemcials .

Since most wells dug in Africa become contaminated
in three months here’s the first idea.

First Idea :

A person could use Moringa seeds and purify water for profit.

_ _ _

_ _ _

Second Idea :
Use moringa leaves as affordable chicken feed and live stock food.

_ _ _

_ _ _
Third Idea … Don’t seek profits just share this video save many lives
and gain the blessings of alot of new friends.

_ _ _

_ _ _

The Open International Society Of Mercy

To Friend And Foe Alike, An Olive Branch Of Hope

May I be blind to race, creed and your own set of

beliefs as this is a totally hands together international

effort. For I am called even to love my enemies.

Odd as it may sound I am here to share with friend

and foe the many ways of helping others in pain with

as little resources as possible. I am not asking that

you understand me as much as you can gain from

this my labor of love , All Sincerely Welcome.


Please Care



First and foremost it’s never about money
as much as it is about knowledge. It’s about
simple knowledge that is critical and will
only work if and when it falls into the right
hands !
The solutions needed are already in play.
Solutions to battle the evils of hunger
and child traffiking that are already working.
I beg of you do not walk away …do not
fail to share … for the live of millions now
depend upon YOU !






Wealthy Men Pray You Won’t Pay Attention

In order for inequality to remain the rich hope and

pray you just won’t pay attention.

While I dislike the taking of God’s name in this video

the ” Young Turks ” makes some solid observations.

–                                                                                         –

–                                                                                        –

I am the voice of those that have no voice. It is my mission

to rescue millions without one single donation from you.

For you see I believe that if we walk in the truth

( Truth being God ) that we will have true fellowship

with one another.

You are welcome to friend me , for I have much to teach.

I want absolutely nothing from you !

Here are some links I would love to share with you.

Please Google ” Scott Gibboney Moringa ” Thank You

I am brother Scott Gibboney

I wish nothing but the best for you and yours …Amen.