What If All You Depended Upon Disappeared ?

No Grocery Stores , No Medical Supplies,

No fuel to cook  food …what would you do ?

This u-tube event was meant for every child

and every person on earth …that could honestly

wind up that way in a real big hurry.

So pour some coffee I got lots to share

and this isn’t going to cost one single dime !

References ;

Free Instant Heat For Cooking World Wide



What Every Person In This World Deserves To Know



Purpose ;

The purpose of this video is to instruct people worldwide

on little known methods and concepts already rescuing

10’s of thousand that should be saving millions of hungry

children … After you watch the video I request that you

make a few comments about Moringa Trees, Pico Hydra

Power – a system that would finally give light to a billion

who still live in darkness at night., and instant red hot

solar beams that could save millions from dying from

contaminated water – possibly the worlds biggest killer.

Please consider teaching these skills to those less fortunate ….

Respectfully Brother Scott.

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