Alternatives To Selling Moringa For Profit

There honestly may not be a commercial level market
where your at. I want to encourage orphanages to start
small gardens that would rapidly grow and start feeding
their children ( in about two years – yes this takes time )
so that they won’t have to beg.
Moringa is not really a tree … in science books it’s
know as a weed …one that grows and spreads very fast.
One of the reasons I promote Moringa so intensely it that
the seeds can purify water without toxic chemcials .

Since most wells dug in Africa become contaminated
in three months here’s the first idea.

First Idea :

A person could use Moringa seeds and purify water for profit.

_ _ _

_ _ _

Second Idea :
Use moringa leaves as affordable chicken feed and live stock food.

_ _ _

_ _ _
Third Idea … Don’t seek profits just share this video save many lives
and gain the blessings of alot of new friends.

_ _ _

_ _ _


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