Is Your Calling A Cashless Ministry ?

I believe that God has shown me that many christian ministries ask too much of one person. I believe that God has ordained certain cheerful givers as large donors but we should never demand anything of anyone. So in order to accomplish His work we must share and pass God’s torch of Hope. I have been given material to share via blogs and many other sources for His glory and honor. I never seek donations or handle any monies funds etc. By poorer members sharing blogs and not twisting arms or demanding anything of anyone God can work miracles. I believe that this opens the door to allow God to move through others ( Ordained Cheerful Givers ) as He is the only One worthy or really capable of softening hearts. ( God is Love ). Some of the most successful ministries ask only for a dollar or two, this allows many more people to work as cheerful givers, millions more …I have seen this happen with my own eyes !

But my ministry is not just about reaching cheerful givers,I also teach orphanages about actually becoming profitable and spreading God’s Love. One of my ministries concerns informing God’s people about a tree. ( And God showed Moses a tree that sweetened bitter water into sweet. ) God’s Moringa tree does just that all without toxic chemicals.

Moringa  Tree Facts :

The seeds are cheap but care must be taken as the roots are not safe to consume.  80% of the seed tend to germinate. The leaves have more 7 times more vitamin c than oranges, more than 4 times the calcium than milk, 3 times the potassium than milk, two times the protein than milk, 4 times the vitamin A than carrots…Love In Christ…brother Scott.