Beware I’m The Christian That Thinks Out Of The Box

Beware I am the christian who thinks out of

the box … because so many have simply done that,

they have ( in a sense ) placed  God in a box.

They limit the power of God to their limited way of

comprehending that which can never be fully appreciated

and understood. I am not a christian of medieval times

I’m a born again who lives in the world of today.

I am a christian who appreciates numbers ,deep thoughts

about space and time.

Yet these words still speak to me. – ( Psalm 139:9-19 )

A few months ago a lady just nailed it. A lady who once had

a great life who decided to do drugs and now looks like hell

said these very words. ” God , that’s a concept I just can’t

get my head around.  ” Wow, never has a person been more right

on target. For it will always be more about our hearts than our mind.

Our minds can only take us so far

If your going to do science use a magnifine glass and if your going

to seek God seek Him with your whole heart. – ( Jeremiah 29:13 )

The Way God Planned It


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