For People Faced With Impossible Mission Needs

Because of the crushing demands of the needy :

I have taken steps to guide others in to safer harbors .

I’m sorry at this time I can not make donations or offer

other services …please review this work as the material

contined herein can do much more for serious ministers

than a few dollars which I don’t even have …may God Bless All.

To Find Safer Harbors Click Here Now

Love In Christ, brother Scott Gibboney


A Mission of Compassion

A tree that could kill you if misused …but a tree that could

also heal nations if properly used.


Imagine a tree that could feed millions for pennies and a bit

of loving care. Imagine for less than 10 dollars you could start

a food revolution. A tree that could easily feed and supply

a whole village with water. In the name of compassion I

pray that you will not let this information die !

A tree that needs to grow in dry soil , just what the doctor ordered

for starving children world wide. A tree of unsurpassed nutritional value

Important Quote from a buyer ! – ” Very satisfied with the quick delivery.

The seeds sprouted within one week. Use well-drained soil because too much

moisture around the roots can kill the seedlings. “

To Purchase Click Here !

Very cheap , To Purchase Click the Picture.

Moringa Seeds

I shall never profit from this God Bless All Your Efforts,

brother Scott Gibboney  

** Please tell everyone not to eat the seeds and the roots !

SPECIAL CAUTION NOTE : ** – ” The thickened root is used as a substitute for horseradish although this is now discouraged as it contains alkaloids, especially moriginine, and a bacteriocide, spirochin, both of which can prove fatal following ingestion. ” **