Zero Toleration For Hunger and Poverty

” Updated 05/29/2015 “

Caring For Those Life Hasn’t Been Kind To

You are welcome to take what you like …. or share,

not all sizes fit all …


The Humble Sweet Potato


How to help millions around the world

without going broke

no donations required !


The Miracle Tree – Moringa

Moringa for Pregnant and Lactating Mother

Church World Service nutrition program in

West Africa based in Dakar,

Senegal and under Dr. Lowell J. Fuglie,

has successfully used Moringa oleifera

as a base to cure and prevent malnutrition

in children, pregnant and lactating

women. It is reported that usage of

Moringa leaves brought improvement in

malnourished children in just a few days.



Why It’s Time To Let Women Learn.


No Stone Unturned , A Careful But Cautious Look At

Preventative and Alternative Treatments


Hydroponics – What’s the big deal ?


How To Feed A Million People Without Money


Empowering America and It’s Allies


My personal note to you.




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